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Curious Fox Press is a paper design and letterpress print studio started by Cathleen Titcomb in 2012. After many years in the corporate accounting and finance world, Cathleen left her career with the birth of her daughter Farren, a child with complex medical needs. With a curious nature and desire to turn her love of antiques and appreciation of process into her life pivot, Cathleen embarked on her creative journey as a designer and letterpress printer. Curious Fox Press operates in the steadfast belief that the true beauty in life is about savoring the experiences along the way.   

Scribble Savvy is a Washington D.C. calligraphy and illustration studio founded by Lisa Hutchinson in 2020. After 25 years in the beauty industry, running 2 successful businesses and representing one of the industry's top companies as an educator, it took the onset of a global pandemic to spur her on to realize her childhood dream as a professional artist. Through this new venture, she aspires to create beautifully written and illustrated works that bless, inspire, and encourage others.

Curious Fox Press


Scribble Savvy

It all began in the fall of 2021 when Cathleen (Curious Fox Press) reached out to me (Scribble Savvy) regarding an editorial project she had in mind. Thrilled over the opportunity to join forces, I jumped in with both feet. Our first collaboration landed in an issue of Southern Bride, and we've not stopped working together since!

It seems we both discovered the yin to our yang. While we are two distinct businesses, Cathleen contributes her talents as a designer and skilled presswoman, while I offer my expertise in the creation of custom illustrations and the art of calligraphy. Together our creative synergy offers clients the best of both of our talents as well as a seamless collaborative process. Truly, a match made in heaven when it comes to designing bespoke wedding stationery!


"Lisa did our calligraphy and crest for our wedding and her work is truly remarkable. 

All the stationary (including the crest) was custom made and the work, care, and attention to detail was unmatched. We were also working on a tighter deadline, yet the work never suffered and looked miraculous in the end. Any bride or groom that takes pride in penmanship NEEDS to hire Lisa!" 

- Kelly Mahoney

Starting investment $4k, Average custom wedding invitation suite with save the date, $6-8k



Step 5

Design Consultation

Here we will chat all about your love story and personalities, share inspiration and ideas, and create a concept for your dream paper!

We love having you visit our studio when possible OR we can exchange ideas digitally, schedule a phone or video chat, and mail physical samples to facilitate the design process.

Our goal is to establish a vision for your stationery and scheme some of the creative and personal elements we can build into your perfect stationery. This will allow us to put together a custom proposal just for you!

Did we mention this is complimentary?  

Send us an email or give us a call.

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions or chat through your ideas to see if our services are a good fit for you. No pressure!

We’re super friendly and love to be helpful.

Digital Design & Proofing

Once you’ve decided that you can't live without letterpress, signed our contract, and paid the 50% retainer for our services, the design process begins!

We ask that you complete a content questionnaire needed for the creation of digital mock-ups of your stationery. The concepts are refined to perfection with your feedback.

This process is typically takes 4-8 weeks, but can be done in less time as needed. 

Once every last detail is finalized and you have given approval, we'll order the custom printing plates & all of the production materials.

Let's Connect!


FIRE UP THE PRESSES! Once all of the materials arrive, each piece of your stationery is then brought to life in our studio. We are pretty particular about the details and the quality of printing. So, we have built our studio to maximize our production options while retaining quality control that cannot be matched by other who outsource all of their production. 

Depending on our volume and complexity of the project, production generally takes 3-4 weeks. 

We'll then add all of the finishing touches and get them ready for.....


Once we complete production, we’ll carefully package your suite for pick-up or shipping.

Or, if you have decided to let us handle all of the details, we’ll carefully assemble, handle the postage, and get them in the mail and on their way.

Then you simply await for the wave of excitement to roll on in… Your friends & family will not know what hit their mailboxes!

Invitation Design Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the oldest forms of printing, it is a relief based method where a raised and inked surface (type) is pressure applied to paper to transfer the image along with an amazing impression (or deboss) into the paper. It has evolved as a unique blend of old meets new where modern design capabilities are blended with the centuries old practices & machinery. The result is a refined and wonderfully tactile piece of statement making stationery!    

What is letterpress printing?

We do! We offer foil printing, in-house digital printing for smaller runs, and have commercial relationships for larger ones. Projects that involve techniques beyond our machinery, we have trusted production partners who can offer engraving, laser cutting, and more. Essentially, if we can dream it, we can do it!

Do you offer other methods of printing?


It might be easier to tell you what types of paper we don't offer! We are unapologetic paper snobs with a love of all things paper and are continually scouring the world in search of new and interesting papers and textures to use in our projects. We also adore tradition and have several "house" cotton paper stocks that have been used in the fine stationery world for generations.

What types of paper(s) do you offer?

As almost all of our projects are custom, the price can vary greatly depending on the level of design, materials, production methods used and quantities. Average investment for wedding invitation suites generally fall between $12-15K. We always prepare a custom proposal for you once we have had a chance to chat and mapped out your stationery dreams!

What is your pricing?

You will see quite a few digital proofs of your project throughout the design process. As the physical process to produce a single piece of stationery involves all of the same materials and time to produce the entire project, it simply isn't feasible to create a proof of a project prior to full production. We do, however, have an abundance of samples demonstrating paper types, color options, and print techniques. So, rest assured that you'll have a pretty good vision of the final product long before we get to production!

Can I see a physical "proof" of my invitation?

While not technically a question, this is something we hear quite a lot. With the almost limitless possibilities out there, the thought of creating your dream stationery from scratch can seem daunting. But, we are pretty darn good at what we do! And our process is designed to find the creative sparks, walk you through all of the steps, help you navigate the often challenging social graces of stationery and, hopefully, have some serious fun along the way!

I'm so overwhelmed and don't even know where to start!

Not necessarily. However, keep in mind that the time to design, the fixed cost of the custom printing plates, and press set-up process are the same regardless if you are printing 1 or 1,000 of an item. The investment for letterpress printing generally makes sense beginning at quantities of 50 and going up from there.

Is there a minimum quantity?


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