Gracefully scripted, thoughtfully illustrated.

Washington DC Calligrapher


Speaking refinement, sophistication, and excellence through the enduring art of calligraphy. Scribble Savvy is based in Culpeper, Virginia and serves the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and online clients worldwide.


Scribble Savvy Services

Custom Crests
Table Numbers
Place Cards
custom crests

Some services I offer include custom wedding invitation design, venue illustrations, custom monograms & crests, addressing special occasion envelopes, and one of a kind commissioned pieces. I especially love working with brides, making their day extra special with personalized details!


I have a knack for telling those stories by incorporating subtle details in my art that hold great significance. This strength allows me to carefully and thoughtfully design customized works that underscore one's individuality, seeking to communicate their message, their story in the most imaginative, innovative, inventive way possible. These works are deeply personal and meaningful, often becoming valuable keepsakes and family heirlooms. Through intuition, conversation, and active listening, I thoroughly understand not only the message, but also the emotion my clients hope to elicit through my art. Though at times it requires a little digging, there is nothing more rewarding than hearing "this is so me" or "exactly what I was envisioning, only better!"

Every person and couple comes with a story decidedly their own.


Lisa Hutchinson

I live in a small, charming town in Nothern-ish Virginia, reminiscent of Mayberry, though not quite as small. It takes around 10 minutes to get just about anywhere in Culpeper, and the people here are warm and welcoming. My husband and I moved here fairly recently from the hubbub Northern Virginia and couldn't feel more at home! We are empty nesters and have effectively replaced our kids with our white English lab, Annie, who currently has 10 times the Instagram following than I do because she's so freaking adorable. (Her handle is @anniethepolarbearlab in case you're wondering.) We live in a golf community on the 14th hole, I think. My studio has glass french doors overlooking the tee, so I enjoy observing golfers and wildlife play as I work. I find the squirrels and bunnies tend to derail my focus the most, but I’m so grateful for the inspired view I enjoy from my drafting table!

Washington D.C. Calligrapher, artist, and owner 


as seen in

Lisa is truly a phenomenal artist!! Her calligraphy is done with such passion, grace and her whole heart.

I am blessed to have several of her pieces in our home to admire each day.
She had conspired with my husband on several surprise pieces for me. Each one is a true work of art!!
I’m beyond grateful to display her work in our home. Truly a special person to work with and plan a fabulous work of art with.

- Alana Amani

.Lisa, the owner of Scribble Savvy, is a fabulous artist that can create anything.

I commissioned Lisa to create two of my niece’s favorite quotes from Pride and Prejudice. She presented me with options and worked with me to create a most beautiful piece. She is very creative, has great attention to detail and overall fun to work with. I highly recommend Lisa and will not hesitate to recommend her and will work with her again.

- Caroline York

What a tremendous artist!!

Lisa took a rough idea for a journal heading, and turned it into a magnificent opening page for the journal.
Lisa is an expert at producing exactly what you want, and absolutely gifted at creating superb outcomes from basic ideas. She is talented, detail oriented and truly focused on customer satisfaction. An accomplished artisan who is fun to work with! 

- Gary Potts

What clients have to say




I have a high level of attention to detail offering versatility in the range of projects I offer, frequently incorporating multiple artistic disciplines (calligraphy, watercolor, line illustrations) within a singular, personalized project. I specialize in working together with the client to capture their vision and the story behind it through artistic expression. I provide clear communication throughout the project process and make myself available should questions or concerns arise along the way.